The Medicine that Sells

When there is an illness, the first things people think of is Medicine, ER, and the dreaded shots. But what if I told you that you could live a full healthy life without having to go to the doctor or have healthcare?

Ask Chris Rock! Here is one of my favorite comedy stand-up skits. His stance on healthcare couldn’t be any more accurate.

“Ain’t no money in the cure, the money’s in the medicine…that’s how a drug dealer makes his money, on the comeback.”-Chris Rock

This quote refers to the fact that the medicine doesn’t actually cure the disease, it only serves as a temporary painkiller, having the sick patient buying more to ease the pain caused by the disease for the rest of his/her days.

AIDS is a great example of this economic strategy.

First off, AIDS is really a cancer caused by a recreational drug used by homosexuals, and is exacerbated by the popular AZT treatment. Who in Africa would want to have intercourse with a dangerous monkey? Come on.

And hence its use, Alkyl Nitrate, like some other nitrates, causes Karposi Sarcoma, a virulent cancer. Then in the late 70’s and early 80’s a new disease was announced to the public.

During the investigation of the new epidemic, they “found” that HIV, a retrovirus present in those with Karposi Sarcoma was a possible cause of AIDS. The extremely toxic cancer drug AZT was resurrected as a virus called HIV, and then it was banned for chemotherapy cancer use. But then it was later approved for HIV treatment? Sketchy.

And to make this clear, HIV is a retrovirus. Retroviruses have no cell-killing mechanisms, making them harmless to us. Healthy people live in harmony with an uncountable number of harmless retroviruses; some are infectious while others are endogenous, produced by our own DNA. But HIV in this case is harmless believe it or not.

AZT itself causes many disease conditions commonly associated with AIDS. So what do you think the medicine (with AZT in it) is going to do for you? It’s giving you AIDS by mutating HIV into AIDS and then it suppresses your symptoms for the rest of your life. You are a lifetime’s supply of money to the people who are supposed to be making you healthy and well again.

Remember, medicine is a product of the health industry. And like every other business, they need sales.

And just like every other smart consumer, you must invest in products that benefit your soul, mind, and body and not the other way around.


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