SÕL-CON: The Brown and Black Comix Expo

Latino and African American comics have been traditionally sidelined in the mainstream. During Hispanic Heritage Month, The Ohio State University Office of Diversity and Inclusion will host the first annual SÕL-CON: The Brown & Black Comix Expo 2015.

This three-day event includes a grand expo where authors/artists will feature their work, comic book creating workshops for high school and middle school students, academic panels, and featured conversations with the artists, one of which will be Turtel Onli, The Father of the Black Age of Comics Movement!

With a grand expo space for participants, along with academic panels and how-to workshops, this will be the first venue to bring together Latino and African American comic book talent and intellectual creativity.

LEARN MORE: http://odi.osu.edu/laser/events/sol-con-the-brown-and-black-comix-expo/


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