New Film Company On the Rise!

As CEO of AstroVisuals,

It is my pleasure to present to you all

a new creative entity in the music film industry known as JediVision.

JediVision Logo
Trademark Logo for JediVision (Designed by AstroVisuals)

JediVision is a branch from the upcoming independent film company Alley Cat Productions. This branch focuses on creating music videos for local artists in Chicago and Detroit while the company as a whole will make feature-length films later on down the line.

JediVision and Alley Cat Productions were both founded by Jordan Hill; A young talented filmmaker from Detroit, now based in Hyde Park (Chicago) and is my business colleague as well as a good friend.

Before he started on this film journey, he worked with other corporate entities such as The Cycle of Peace and where he was a content provider; making digital content in the form of writing and filmmaking for various topics the two companies assigned him.

Later in time he grew apart from the two businesses with enough self-confidence and inspiration to take the next step in his life (which was the birth of JediVision). Doing so enabled him to walk along the path he already knew was set for himself, this time with immovable faith in his own abilities to make it happen.

He became the anchor of his own financial stability. Now he does not concern himself with a set schedule assigned to him by someone else, but instead he sets his own schedule;

To Himself, For Himself.


JediVision is taking serious inquiries from those who need music videos & photography services. We are also looking for potential collaborators on future projects.


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