Brandon Lamar Scates at Frontline: Pass the Knowledge

It is refreshing to see like-minded brothers and sisters spreading the Word of MAAT (Truth) to their fellow lightworkers in the community. Especially if said community is plagued with lies and perverted truths.

I was honored to have attended a lecture hosted by the wise brother Brandon Lamar Scates at Frontline Books in Chicago, IL.

Scates is like many of us in Chicago; enduring the rat race that the Matrix has set for us, but at the same time, staying true to his blood roots and sharing his power (knowledge) with African-Americans (quote on quote) interested in and moving towards the liberation of African-Americans.

How you might ask? Well, it all starts with knowing. Anything you do not pay attention to simply doesn’t exist in your world unless you or it makes its presence known. So if African Americans are not aware that they are entrapped in a Matrix, how will they ever be free?

This is a small piece of the message Scates had shared at Frontline. Luckily for those who didn’t attend, Scates will have a continuation of this powerful message this upcoming Saturday!


I hope to see you all there!!

-Kali Johnson

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