Crystals and Gemstones Sale in Hyde Park

The Power of Mother Nature is UnParalleled.

Her graceful force is felt in every nano-second of every cycle (day, month, year, etc)
  • The air she provides grants us our spirit.

  • The water she bears keep our bodies electrified and super charged! (Depending on the pH level, it must be 7.35 or neutral)

  • Her melanated soil provides the foundation of our lives and the lives of an endless variety of breathing entities, big or small.

Deep within the depths of the various bodies of soil and rock reside some of the most magical pieces of Earth she has to offer:

Crystals and Gemstones!

On March 9th, 2016, Isra El (CEO and Founder of Earrth Science Foods) and Kali Johnson (CEO of AstroVisuals and Chief Content Manager for The Cycle of Peace) put together a precious stone sale here in Hyde Park to bring life to a downed city.

The prices ranged from $10-$300 (not to mention some pieces were for wholesale) and the energy was high at Einstein Bros!

Meteorites that landed in India were even for sale!! Talk about Stellar!

This will not be the last of these sales.

Actually this is just the beginning!

Me and Isra are looking for sponsors, buyers, investors, and volunteers for community service learning hours (that will be good for high school youth) to contribute to the expansion of Earrth Science Foods!


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