About AstroVisuals…

Astrotonic Productions is a independent production company and freelancing guild; helping talented people gain recognition and develop soulful creations.

AstroVisuals Web Portal serves as the Portal to Our World!! It is one of Enlightenment, Metaphysics, Freedom, and Creativity.

We specialize in graphic design, storyboarding, illustrations, character design, videography, photography, animation, branding, logo design, instrumentals, and creative writing of all sorts and varieties

Kali Johnson
Kali Johnson: Founder of AstroVisuals

I AM a freelance graphic designer, cinematographer, photographer, illustrator and digital colorist. I am also a blogger/freelance writer who aims to inform people about many relevant topics that are often swept under the rug, but applies to our daily lives in ways many aren’t aware of.

My personal goal is to enlighten people from all walks of life. I will shed light on the shadows that keep people in Ignorance and the oppressors in Bliss.

It is who I AM

HELP US BUILD THE ASTROTONIC COMMUNITY!! We need new equipment and a NEW HQ to promote what is not seen but effects us in multiple ways, as well as promote some exclusive projects we have been working on =)

And to make it easy, we simply ask for 1$

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  1. June Glenn says:

    Wow! You are someone who I need to get to know better. My kids as well (your cousins). Keep up great work! Continue doing what you do. I know it will uplift others to reach the heights you’ve reached and strive for!

    1. Kid Li says:

      Thank you! =) I will never stop being me lol


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