Drones programmed for light painting in the sky


What do you get when you put LEDs on a system of drones and then program them to fly in formation? Spaxels from the Ars Electronic Futurelab.

Spaxels are quadcopters equipped with a programmable LED system. They comprise a swarm that’s able to fly in formation and “draw” dynamic three-dimensional figures in the night sky. The Ars Electronica Futurelab is the sole player in this field, the only one capable of working with aesthetic forms of expression that were previously possible only on a computer and, via spaxels, translating them into the real world of a three-dimensional airspace.

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Meanwhile, After the Million Man March…


The House of Konciousness brings a important update on the aftermaths and operations that will be held after the Million Man March:

BLACK AGE XVIII “Heroes and Villains”

2nd Bl Age SSCAC95

In September 2015 until Nov. 8th, the growing Black Age of Comics Movement returns to its birthplace.

The World’s first Black Age Convention was given in Feb. 1993 at the historic South Side Community Art Center in the Bronzeville district of Chicago.



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Louisville Man Goes From Being Homeless To Owning Three Restaurants


Trials and tribulations are two words that Darnell Ferguson knows all too well. The 28 year-old has struggled with incarceration, homelessness and a lack of self-control throughout his short span as an adult. His life was spiraling out of control quickly and just when things seemed to be at their worst – he made a last-ditch effort and walked into a local church – changing his life forever.

Ferguson was born in Philadelphia but his family relocated to Columbus, OH when he was young. He was raised by his mom and step-dad and credits them for providing him with a very good life. Despite having great parents – Ferguson struggled throughout high school and was on the verge of failing out. During his junior year he decided to transfer to a vocational high school in the Columbus area that offered courses in Culinary Arts.

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