Louisville Man Goes From Being Homeless To Owning Three Restaurants


Trials and tribulations are two words that Darnell Ferguson knows all too well. The 28 year-old has struggled with incarceration, homelessness and a lack of self-control throughout his short span as an adult. His life was spiraling out of control quickly and just when things seemed to be at their worst – he made a last-ditch effort and walked into a local church – changing his life forever.

Ferguson was born in Philadelphia but his family relocated to Columbus, OH when he was young. He was raised by his mom and step-dad and credits them for providing him with a very good life. Despite having great parents – Ferguson struggled throughout high school and was on the verge of failing out. During his junior year he decided to transfer to a vocational high school in the Columbus area that offered courses in Culinary Arts.

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Have You Met Your Strawman?


EVER WONDERED WHY THE SCARECROW DIDN’T HAVE A BRAIN? The Answer May be Hidden within the Land of Oz, or it just may be an Insult to your Intelligence.

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